Developing the AI ​​and technology that allow robots to intelligently interact with their environment is challenging. No wonder there is such a great need for multidisciplinary robotics experts who have consistently mastered the entire robotics development process, from ideation, modeling, and prototyping to commercial application, human-robot interaction, and acceptance. social. If you are fascinated by robotics and looking for a challenge-based academic program that can equip you for a role like this, our new multidisciplinary Master of Robotics may be the right fit for you.

During this two-year master’s degree, you will learn to develop robotics solutions that benefit many different industries and social domains. Working in small teams on real-world challenges, you’ll cover all the disciplines involved, from mechatronics to computing and AI, while also addressing ethical, legal, social and economic aspects. His understanding of both technology and the broader context is exactly what today’s high-tech industries and research institutes are looking for.