UniTESLA was born as an educational solution adapted to the new times and in today’s society. Our goal is to bring the university virtually to all those who want to access Higher Education studies with American quality.

We are an official 100% online university, and our pedagogical model is flexible and unique.

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Reinvent yourself:

Discover the Benefits of the Network of Integrated Universities UniBenedictina, Vicentina, Marista Franciscana and Faculdade Einstein.

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Advance your education, start your career with a bang

We offer the best study programs to our students, we are an Tesla University institution with a secular tradition. Come and be part of this great family.

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International student community

We are present in various parts of the world with a proposal and vision of providing the best level of quality in education to our students. Our teachers are trained at the best universities in various countries.

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The United States is the best country for students in the world

The American Schools and Universities continue to be a reference in education in the world, it is an honor and a pride to have a training in an Tesla University.

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Our graduates rank first among recruiters

Our Graduates have obtained the best opportunities in the professional market, our courses are prepared for your profile and conditions, we offer scholarships to our students.

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Faculty of Excellence in the Best Facilities

Marist Education is a benchmark in education in the world, our faculty is made up of a wealth of contextualized and ecumenical knowledge.

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complete your graduation

Some of our Degrees can be done in person, blended and remotely.

You are very welcome!