TESLA University Federal Government Organization We are accredited by the American Council on Higher Education and Accreditation Intergovernmental Organization (ACHEA).

UniTESLA, was born as an educational solution adapted to the new times and in today’s society. Our goal is to bring the university virtually to all those who want to access Higher Education studies with American quality.

We are an official 100% online university, and our pedagogical model is flexible and unique.

Virtual education, also called “online education”, refers to the development of training programs that use cyberspace as a teaching and learning scenario.

In other words, virtual education refers to the fact that it is not necessary for the body, time and space to combine in order to establish a dialogue meeting or learning experience. Without there being a face-to-face meeting between the teacher and the student, it is possible to establish an interpersonal relationship of an educational nature.

From this perspective, virtual education is an action that seeks to promote training spaces, relying on ICT to establish a new way of teaching and learning.

Virtual education is a modality of distance education; It implies a new vision of the demands of the economic, social and political environment, as well as of pedagogical relations and ICTs.

It’s not just a unique way of getting information to distant places, it’s a whole pedagogical perspective.