Why is it called TESLA University?

The name of this University, already a benchmark in the education sector, is a tribute to Nikola Tesla, the most important inventor in history, precursor of alternating current and electromagnetism. It’s that simple, the brand is the surname of the man who changed the world and thanks to whom today we have electricity worldwide.

As for the Tesla logo, which looks like a gear with the T, a kind of lightning bolt, it is actually the cross section of a part of an induction motor, which is where movement is generated thanks to the phase shift between the magnetic fields of its coils. . .

Motto: Scientia Est Lux

We are accredited by the American Council on Higher Education and Federal Government Accreditation (ACHEA).

UniTESLA was born as an educational solution adapted to the new times and in today’s society. Our goal is to bring the university virtually to all those who want to access Higher Education studies with American quality.

We are an official 100% online university, and our pedagogical model is flexible and unique.

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